Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two #Satos Find Their Forever Homes

Two great days in a row for this dog rescuer! Yesterday Aby (now Jemma) went to her forever home and I still can't wipe the smile off my face. Jemma has an acre of land to play on, a Yorkshire terrier brother, a human brother and sister, and a mom and dad. This is a family of genuine dog lovers so Jemma really hit the jackpot. I was lucky enough to be at the shelter when Jemma walked out the door to the beginning of her happily ever after. She is a very loving dog so her family hit the jackpot too!

Jemma bonding with her new brother and sister

Today another of the #satos was adopted. Formerly "Isis" (named after the godess, not the terrorist organization), this yet-to-be-renamed sata (female sato) has a new home with an elderly gentleman who will enjoy her companionship. When deciding which dogs to bring over from Save a Sato, I was told that Isis could probably be a therapy dog. She loves to play with toys and is quite the character, but she is also a real cuddler who is quick to flop over for a belly rub. As with Jemma, I was there when Isis walked out the door to go home. I am looking forward to emailing Save a Sato ( to share the happy news of these adoptions.

Isis before going home

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